Botanical Art

Botanical Art is a great favourite of buyers of Noel’s paintings.  His attention to detail and delightful compositions have resulted in paintings that have particular resonance with appreciators of this fine form of decorative art.

A beautiful painting of blue orchids, a great example of botanical art.
A profusion of orchids
Succulents in a terracotta pot.  A fine example of botanical art
Succulents in a terracotta pot

A painting of a terracotta pot with a vigorous growth of cactus plants in bloom in Noel’s courtyard.

Poppies, one of Noels most popular botanical paintings

A profusion of blossoms which Noel arranged to display the various beautiful blooms and form a colourful display.

A vase of flowers in Noels botanical collection
Vase of flowers

A floral display which was on show in Noel’s living room.

A beautiful example of botanical art with orange hibiscus
Hibiscus flower

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Paintings by Noel Jackson