Idle boats on the coast of Spain

European Art

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Noel was stationed in Europe during World War II as a navigator in the Australian Air Force. During the 1950’s Noel worked in London as an architect.

After the war Noel and his wife moved to Canada where Noel worked for a few years as an architect, his main work during this time was the design of Dorval Airport in Montreal.

From the mid 1980’s to 2000  Noel and his family rented apartments in Venice, Perugia, Paris, Portugal and in Madrid.

During these years Noel drew, sketched and painted with his most prolific output during the time he spent in Venice.

Lovely oil painting of a churchyard in Italy, part of Noel Jackson's European art collection
Oil painting of a churchyard in Italy
Australian artist Noel Jackson's painting of a town in the South of France, a good example of his European art collection
South of France

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Paintings by Noel Jackson